About me:

I am a technology lover. I take pride in learning from others and improving things with my innovative spins. Recently, I got a chance to do presentations at DEF CON 24 and GeekPwn 2016 for my medical device reverse engineering research. This research has been taking off for me. I’m doing research on a device that nobody has really looked at, the power-wheelchair. Originally, I began reverse engineering my chair with R-Net electronics so I could make it drive along people without me directing the chair while I type to people on a laptop. This is how I communicate. Since then, it turned into actual medical device research.

I was one of the first to exploit a power wheelchair physically (presented at DEF CON 24 IoT Village and GeekPwn 2016) and since then, I begun improving this research. This in order to see what kind of threats would exist if chair malware is possible. The goal of the research is to reveal security issues of medical devices to developers so that they can ensure protection from the start, rather than taking measures after devices are compromised.

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