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Source Code Audits

A software code audit is a comprehensive analysis of source code in a programming project with the intent of discovering bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions.

Medical Device Hacking

Experience in finding vulnerabilities in devices like power-wheelchairs, fitbits, pacemakers, and more.

Keynote Speaker

Enjoys public speaking at information security events. Presented at DEFCON, GeekPWN, Kaspersky SAS and counting…


Built webapps using the latest backend webstacks


Built webapps using the latest frontend webstacks

Cloud Providers

Experience deploying web based applications to a cloud hosting provider such as AWS and Heroku



Chief Executive Officer

Omega Intelligence & Security Solutions

Dec 2016 – Present

Cyber Security Consultant


Dec 2016 – Present

Contract Software Engineer


Jun 2016 – Dec 2016
SpiderOak’s new product Semaphor uses my libsodium-go library. Semaphor is an open sourced alternative for Slack

Computer Security Intern

Metropolitan State University of Denver

May 2014 – Dec 2016

Customer Service Representative

Metropolitan State University of Denver

May 2012 – Dec 2014


Grow with Google - Intermediate Mobile Web Track Scholarship

A way to focus your skills by taking specialized Udacity courses. The top 10% will have access to jobs and networking opportunities.

Kaspersky SAS 2017 Presenter

Power-wheelchairs could potentially infect anything in their path, leading to global fear that any device can be hacked and be used against anyone. Chairs are excellent malware vectors because they have Bluetooth which allows to attack nearby devices. Crafty internet access can be achieved using 6LoWPAN, so one can download new exploits to the chair’s memory. Then use those exploits against any kind of Bluetooth-enabled device. Chairs are recent IoT devices and they can hide exploits in plain sight. Presented possible ways to implement malware in chairs.

Geekpwn 2016 Presenter

I presented more attacks and overall security of power-wheelchairs
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DEFCON 24 IoT Village presenter: Hot Wheels: hacking electronic wheelchairs

I reverse engineered a closed and proprietary protocol that relied on the CAN standard called R-Net for power wheelchairs. I showed how easy it was to inject standard CAN messages to take full control of chairs with R-Net electronics. I provided some basic open source tools to allow people to customize their chairs more easily.
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