Build The Future For Medical Device Hacking

Stephen and Lani are both student cyber security researchers who are trying to innovate the future. We were among the first to exploit a power wheelchair physically and since then, we have begun improving this research. We are working on making power-wheelchairs autonomous (self-driving) and are also looking into the possibility of using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) to make wheelchairs operable with your mind. Our research has opened many doors in multiple areas like information security, medical device hacking, and helped to earn presenting spots in globally recognized conferences like DEFCON, GeekPwn, and Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit.

Why Your Help Matters:

We are revolutionizing the future for medical devices by doing critical research. We are ethical white-hat hackers who are trying to improve the lives of all technology users. For anyone who knows us, we are both incredibly hard workers and ambitious in our pursuits. We have hearts of gold and want to make the world a more universal and accessible place for all.

This campaign was created to help support our research costs. We want to change the world, but our research has been outside the realm of our affordability as new researchers. This campaign includes an itemized list of the equipment and costs associated with our projects.

Here’s how you can help if you can’t donate! :)

If you do:

  • Marketing
  • Embedded hardware
  • Software engineer
  • Neuroscience major (real degree, no pseudoscience)
  • UX / UI
  • Human interaction
  • Human brain research
  • Worked with EEGs
  • VR (important, to be discussed later.)

Then, I have good news for you. I have created a Discord chat channel for anyone that is interested in knowing what the project status is. This will be the main way we will work on the project. The project is called NDIC (Neuro Dynamic Connection Interface)

The project is in the planning stage. I will be working on the logistics with a few selected people. Speak up if you want to help.

Discord invite link below. See you all there! Help spread the word!

Stephen Chavez
Cyber Security Researcher

Cyber security researcher; Takes world adventures with friends. Focusing on malware development and analysis.